Available on all digital formats! 

Hi friends! Very excited to announce that our new album "Country 2 The Bone" is now available on all digital formats such as iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc. Feel free to help us promote our new album by sharing our links on your social media pages with your friends! As always, our new album is also available in person at any upcoming show! Check out our schedule and maybe we will see you soon!

Keep it Country!
Mandi xoxo

Mi Vida Loca! I'm back! 

Holy smokes! I totally forgot that I have a blog page on my website. Well, this is now my attempt to keep it up to date and keep ya'll posted as to what is going on with the band. :)

We just returned from CMA Fest in Nasvhille! What a riot!! We had an Emerging Artist booth at Fan Fair X this year (our 2nd year), maybe you stopped by our booth to say hello to us! We met so many great country music lovers! I'm hoping everyone we met stays in touch and downloads our free song off our new album called "Summer Song"!! Our album will be available on June 28th! That's only a couple weeks away! We are planning a CD Release Party at the Fire Bar/ Lumber Barons in Bay City MI. Y'all stay tuned to our facebook page for details as we are going to be having some surprise guests performing there as well.

Well back to the grind of updating our website...This thing had some major cob webs!!

Thanks for following us and staying in touch with us on here or facebook or twitter!!

Peace & Love Y'all!


Update- Road Trip to Memphis! 

Long time no write....LOL!...We've been so busy! As you can see our schedule is pretty full, not to mention all the work we've been doing for our soon to be released album! The biggest news and most recent news is....we're going to Memphis, TN to record our last couple songs for our album at Sun Studio. I can't bellieve I'm going to actually stand in the same spot that Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, U2, and so many other legendary musicians have recorded. It will be very inspiring and will be a moment that will take my breath away. We are heading down to Memphis in 3 weeks. A road trip is always a good time. :) As soon as we get back from Memphis we will work with our current producer, Andy Reed, to finish it up and Master it! I'll write again after we get back and let ya'll know how the trip went! Wuh-huh! (That's my Elvis impression!)
Peace & Love,
Mandi Layne

Isolation is best! 

Hey friends, Mandi here, just wanted to update the blog ... :)
Since February is a full schedule for us, we knew we would have no time to be creative and write so this past weekend Greg, Craig and I went north to finish a couple song ideas that we've been tossing around for our debut album. We went to a very secluded cabin in Amish country that sits back in the woods about a half mile. No power or toilet. :) We arrived at the cabin around 3pm Friday afternoon to figure out that the snow covered trail back to the cabin was deeper than we thought. My truck was stuck immediately and the boys were unable to push it out (look, i helped too, I was behind the wheel giving it gas as they pushed their asses off). We decided it wasn't going anywhere so we loaded up our gear and hiked back to the cabin through 3-4ft drifts. We fired up the wood burner and unpacked with a feeling of relief. I got to tell ya, there is nothing better than isloation from the real world. We drank a few and after settling in for a couple hours we began working on one of Greg's fantastic song ideas. We ended up finishing it and felt very accomplished, at that point if that is all we accomplished for the whole weekend, we would've been stoked.  Saturday morning, well afternoon by the time we crawled out of our bunks, we ate brunch and Greg grabbed the guitar and started playing around. He ended up coming up with a really cool chord progression. He continued to play it and before we knew it we had a whole new song idea. We wrote the song in just a few hours. It was amazing. I don't want to give away too many details because we will be tweaking them as we go but this is a fantastic mid-tempo song that will definitely find a home on the album. We got a little antsy by the evening but we ended up hammering out the lyrics to another song idea Greg and I worked on back at the end of summer. Greg is currently working on the musical structure behind the song but hey, we got the lyrics done and the melody. It's going to be awesome. This one has a very Blues feel to it.
So, now it's Saturday night and we got so much done, it was just amazing. We were so thrilled and felt so accomplished. So the three of us hung out the rest of the evening and enjoyed some good laughs, good conversation, great whiskey, and just the plain 'ol good company of three best friends who get to share our love of music together. Sunday morning we packed up and headed out. Oh by the way, some relatives of Craig was kind enough to push the truck out. It only took 6 guys! yikes, that sucker was buried. LOL!  It always makes a trip more memorable when something stupid like that happens. So we reluctantly drove back home to our crazy lives. Now today, Greg is in the studio finishing mixing the last three songs we recorded. Tomorrow we'll revisit the vocals, lay down some harmonies and hopefully move on to the new one's that we wrote this past weekend. We're in the studio every week working on getting our album done. We'll keep you posted on our progress! Thanks so much to everyone for being so supportive of our music. Take care, Mandi Layne

Still working on the Album 

Hey everyone,
Mandi here. Just wanted to give ya'll an update on the album. We are still working on recording it. We're hoping to release it in January. Keeping our fingers crossed for that! It's really going to be a great album that will have something for everyone. We've been diligently working on the songs and changing things here and there. It's so much fun and so much work. Greg has been writing his ass off, he's coming up with new stuff all the time which then we have to decide if we want to add it to the album. There's nothing better than holding a practice with the whole band and jamming together to a song that basically has lyrics and a melody and everyone lays down their part and before you know it...it kicks ass and sounds fantastic. I must say, I'm so proud of everyone in the band for really owning these songs we're writing. We're very pleased with the quality of the recordings we're getting and we can't wait to share them with ya'll.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hopefully we'll see you out at our shows real soon.
Peace & Love,
Mandi Layne

Really got get better at this! 

Hey everyone - what's goin on?  I'm totally pumped about playing this weekend - I think the rest of the band is too so it's gonna be a couple of great shows!  Got a nice little sample from the new CD for you to check out - only 30 seconds but it'll give you a little taste...the whole song is just amazing and beautiful and I can't wait for the CD!

Hope you guys are all doing good and hopefully we can have a drink together this weekend!



Well, it's Wednesday night...comin off a good weekend at the Woodshed and feeling good about the recordings that we've done.  We booked some more shows which is ALWAYS cool!! I think I can speak for the band when I say that we're all really happy with the recordings and can't wait for you all to hear them!!  Should hopefully be soon when we can get them out here for you.... 

Some acoustic shows are popping up that are going to be super cool - check out the tour dates page to find out when because it's a chance to see some really special performances that you won't really any other time.

Keep it real....keep it country....keep it rockin!



Yeah.....it's been a little while huh?  Well, in the time that we've been off we have hit the studio and things are sounding awesome thanks to Andy Reed - he's recording and mixing stuff for us and really getting the vibe we're goin for!

Couple weeks and we'll be out at the 'Shed in Clio - hope to see you all there!!


Pig Gig 2008 

Thanks to everyone for being so cool at the Pig Gig this year and givin' us all the support - you guys are awesome!  It was a great show - weather was perfect, sound was good, beer was good (almost the most important part!!!) and we couldn't have asked for any more! 

See ya this Friday in Millington!


Stupid things that happen before a show... 

Mandi here...do you ever feel like you have things under control and then....
Haha this was kind of a funny story I thought I would share.
The story of my life is that I'm late for everything...I mean everything, everyday. Greg and I were riding together to go to the private party we had to play at on Saturday. We met everyone at the Woodshed to pick up our equipment from the previous night. Greg told me not to be late. He said "you are late for everything, do not be late. We will arrive on time today." I said "ya, sure thing not a problem." So I busted my bootie to get ready on time and I was actually a few minutes early. Yeah me, right?! Well, we packed up our gear and headed to the gig out in Elba. On our way I realized I forgot to put on deodorant and it's about 85 degrees out, real nice! Riding in the truck I was thinking to myself, that because I was in such a rush the only reason I was early is because I skipped the whole "deoderant routine" for the day. I took off my seat belt and dove into the back seat searching frantically for a can of deoderant. I usually have an extra can of deoderant stashed under the seat along with a few other things that ya just never know if you'll need someday. :) Ok, so no deoderant. I asked Greg to stop at the next store and told him why. No big deal, right? We stop at a small convenient store/gas station. I buy a pop and a little trial size stick of deoderant, now I'm happy. We get driving again and I whip out the deoderant take off the cap and give it a big sniff....Oh My God it smelled like a chemical burn waiting to happen. I told Greg to smell it and he said "what the hell is wrong with it?" We both laughed. There was something definitely wrong with it but I really needed it and I didn't want to ask him to stop again.  I didn't want us to be late. :)  So now at this point we are just casually talking while he's driving and I proceed to put the deoderant on my left pit. When I pulled the deoderant back out from under my BLACK shirt (yes, I said BLACK. keep in mind the deoderant is WHITE) Greg yells "Oh my God what's wrong with it?" So at this point, I'm thinking he meant my arm pit. I quickly lift my arm looking at my arm pit in panic mode and he says "No, the deoderant, Mandi look at the deoderant!" I look at the deoderant and the whole entire stick of deoderant is broken off and basically empty. Ok...now at this point the only spot that the whole chunk of deoderant could be is in my pit, right? LOL! I said "oh my god, just pull over please...my shirt is black and it's the only one I have to wear. Please Greg pull over." He laughed and said "well, we're on a highway so just hang on and I'll pull over at the next store up the road." Now there I sat with a huge chunk of deoderant in my pit praying to God it wouldn't fall out. There were little white crumbs of deoderant everywhere and I was trying not to move at all so that I didn't squish it into my shirt. A few minutes went by and we pulled into another little convenience store...much like the first one we stopped at. I jumped out of the truck and pulled one arm out of my shirt thus, flashing several people in the parking lot. Greg was laughing so hard and old ladies were giving me dirty looks. It was horrible! I told the old ladies that if they had a clump of dry rotted deoderant in their arm pit they would have done the same thing!! I cleaned my self all off with some napkins and got back in the truck. I check the clock, and we are still on time! Yes!!! We made it to the gig on time but after sound check we had a couple hours to spare so we all went and ate some dinner. On the way to the restaraunt, we stopped at a RiteAid and I bought some aerosol deoderant which will never be allowed to leave my truck, ever! The show went on odor free :) and we weren't late after all that. I still think about the look on Greg's face when I pulled the deorderant out from under my shirt....priceless!